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We need your skills, your talent and your time. Together we can make a difference for our Community and for the Arts.


Volunteers needed in the following areas...

  • Tour Guides (Docents)
  • Marketing Skills
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Entry
  • Help for special events
  • Housing for visiting artists
  • Instructors for all Artistic Disciplines
  • Maintenance  and Miscellaneous Work


The Artisan Village of Coolidge
“A Center for Discovery, Creativity and Innovation”

Mission Statement
The mission of the Artisan Village of Coolidge, LLC is to provide a discovery space for people of all ages to express their creative talents and to be a  forum for artists to learn, teach, display and engage the community.

The vision of the Artisan Village of Coolidge is to be an interactive venue where all people can fulfill their desire to learn, express their talent, interact with other artists and experience the joy of making art.

•  We value self expression through the arts.
•  We value discovery, innovation and creativity
•  We value diversity of thought, expression, and ancestry
•  We value artistic collaboration

On January 1, 2015 the North School officially became the Artisan Village of Coolidge and a Core Leadership Team took possession of the property under a lease/purchase agreement.

Discussions between the City of Coolidge, Coolidge Unified School District and the Coolidge Economic Development Committee (CEDC) began on October 1st of 2012. The North School property of Coolidge Unified School District (CUSD) had been vacant as a public school since 2009. 

Concerned community leaders, CEDC members, City government representatives and Coolidge Unified School District representatives met and toured the North School property. The result of that meeting was an agreement with the Coolidge Unified School District leadership to move forward with a Study Team to investigate “best use”.

The North School Study Team continued meeting and developed a final concept for the “best use” of the North School property.

Visits to a number of relevant sites, discussions with numerous expert advisors and continued exploration ended with the final concept:

  • The “best use” recommendation of the Study Team is the development of the North School property as a community resource called The Artisan Village of Coolidge (the Village).

  •  The Village would be a collaborative effort between the City of Coolidge, the Coolidge Unified School District and the Coolidge Performing Arts Center Foundation, Inc.

  • The Village would be dedicated to the “fusion of the arts with technology” as an economic driver for the City, an educational resource for the Coolidge Unified School District and a direct arts connection with the Coolidge Performing Arts Center.

  • The Artisan Village of Coolidge would be organized under a growing international movement called the “maker movement” which is a fusion of the arts with technology employing a “hands on” approach to creativity, innovation, learning and collaboration.

  • Since there is a nonprofit 501c3 Foundation connected to the Coolidge Performing Arts Center it was decided to attach the Artisan Village (North School) project to the Foundation and structure the Artisan Village within the Coolidge Performing Arts Center Foundation, Inc.




351 N. Arizona Boulevard

(Arizona Blvd & Northern Avenue)
Coolidge, AZ 85128


Phone: +1 520-723-3009  

Fax: 520-723-9410

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