Scenes from the 1st Annual Veteran's Day Celebration

November 12, 2016

Artisan Village of Coolidge

A Place Of Honor

From Military Memorial Wall to Military Honor Park

A Village is made up of a variety of  diverse elements that come together to create a Village and help it grow and serve the needs of the community. The Military Honor Park is a reminder of those who gave of themselves so others remain free.
It is especially an honor to recognize those who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives in service to this Country. God Bless America and God Bless our Military ServicePeople , active duty, veterans, or deceased.



For years Oscar Rodriguez constructed and supported a Memorial Wall at his home It was dedicated to the memory of Vietnam and other veterans who gave their lives in the military. In October of 2015, Oscar brought the idea of the MIlitary Honor Wall to the Artisan Village of Coolidge. The idea was embraced by the Village and the Military Honor Wall had a new forever home. Oscar soon realized that this was more than just a Memorial Wall and the facility was renamed the Military Honor Park since it is a park-like setting and was expanded considerably to allow more recognition to the milirary. In addition, to have a brick named for a loved one, the person only had to actively serve in the Military and be honorably discharged. It also salutes those who are living as well as a memorial to those who have passed.


On Saturday, March 19th there was a dedication of the Military Honor Park now located in the Artisan Village of Coolidge. Many people and organizations have donated time and funds to bring this Park to life. The Military Hoinor Park was designed and built by Coolidge resident and Vietnam veteran Oscar Rodriguez. Oscar Rodriquez and his family brought this opportunity to the Artisan Village and have spent tireless hours making this happen.


The Honor Park is free & open to the public.

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